I don’t really want a high tech garden

daikon, carrot, and leeks
I love gadgets and technology. I could not live without timers, motion detectors, robot vacuums… I’m good with computers, and serve as tech support in our home. I fix the network when it goes down, change printer cartridges, clean viruses from laptops…

On the other hand I love everything natural. I avoid artificial colors, flavors, and fragrances like the plague. I can clean my whole house with nothing but baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. I prefer cotton to polyester, wood to carpet, and stone to corian…

This makes me a sucker for high-tech garden products like automatic chicken coop doors, irrigation systems on timers, and hydraulic arms to vent coldframes. I often lust after high-tech garden products, like automated greenhouses, only to decide that the lights and heat would use too much energy. So I rely on floating row covers instead.

So of course, I was really intreaged when I discovered window farms designed to allow apartment dwellers to grow a little of their food. I have three, six foot tall, south facing windows that would be perfect for a set up like this. I wanted one!! But I have learned not rush to Home Depot for supplies without first spending time researching and thinking about whatever idea has me inspired at the moment. I first ask myself, where will I store this thing when not in use? Will it lower or increase my carbon foot print? And will it REALLY make it easier for me to grow food.

This system is great for people without access to land. However I have tons of land, and winters are mild, so I can grow some food almost all year. Why would I want to mess with pumps and feeding plants when I can pull leeks, carrots and daikon from the ground in December.  So, just like the times when I contemplated a green house or an aquaponic system, I won’t be adding a window farm to my gardening arsenal.  But I still think it is a pretty cool idea.

3 Responses to I don’t really want a high tech garden

  1. clarence says:

    I almost could have written this same blog (except that my dear wife is our tech support and our winter is what you would expect for Michigan).

    I also found the window farms interesting as well as aquaponics… but have come to the conclusion that I do not have time to keep up what I already have going. So adding one more thing to the list would not be wise. …maybe when I retire.

  2. Tamra says:

    Oh Clarence, it is so nice to hear that I am not alone in all my crazy pursuits. My family and friends all think I am nuts and do not believe me, when I say others do the same thing. Thanks for posting.

    I hear the midwest was just socked with a huge blizzard, does that include you?

  3. clarence says:

    We are getting some snow today…. maybe 5 inches, but the wood stove is toasty.

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